COVID-19: HOw it is changing our life together

as a parish

In the last several months, much has changed in our life together as a nation and as a parish community.  The purpose of this page is to keep you up-to-date on plans that we are taking at SPR to maintain the safety of our members, clergy, and staff, and to help us further understand how we can be helpful to one another in these uncertain days.  SPR is in the beginning of a planning stage now to prepare for our eventual reopening.  As of now, that date has not been set; some further information is helpful and some foundational understandings will help as we navigate these uncharted waters:

  • As part of our Christian vocation, the safety and well-being of all who enter our building is of paramount importance.  SPR will not reopen until medical professionals advise us that it is safe to do so, and even then, precautions will be taken that will change our life together.  These precautions will remain in place until a vaccine is widely available and widely disseminated among the public. 
  • SPR has appointed a working group of medical practitioners in the parish to lead this effort.  They will first establish medical and public health benchmarks that must be met in order for SPR to move on to the next phase of reopening.  During the summer of 2020, this working group is developing and refining our parish plan.  We will communicate this to members as we go along, and we are committed to receiving input, suggestions, and help as we move ahead.  Your voice is important in this process. 
  • As of July 1, no reopening date has been set.  We do not yet have enough information on the trajectory of infections, public health projections, and guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health to speculate when that date may be.  Even then, SPR will proceed cautiously.
  • When it is safe to reopen under Phase II, modifications will be made to the worshipping assembly, small groups, and educational opportunities.  These will be most notable within the liturgy, and it is important that we all remain patient and charitable as we learn how to live in this new reality - again - with the goal of keeping God's people safe. 
  • A phased plan to reopen may need to be modified, or even rescinded, in case of a second wave of infections;
  • SPR is in the process of further developing our livestream capabilities, a project that should be completed by the end of the summer.  When we do reopen - in small numbers - the liturgy will presented live on our Facebook page and webpage so that anyone who wants to can join...wherever they are.