From Generation to Generation

The history of St. Paul-Reformation

St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church began as Memorial Lutheran Church in 1883 and celebrated its Centennial in 1983. The congregation is the result of the merging of four different churches over the years, the most recent being the consolidation of St. Paul Lutheran and Reformation Lutheran in 1977. This congregation and its predecessors have served in urban ministry in the Midway area of St. Paul with a vibrant witness to the Gospel, its Good News of salvation and its call for justice in society. We believe, with the Apostle Paul in Romans 8, that no person or created thing ever stands outside the creative love and grace of God.

The Ordination of  

Pastor Anita Hill

In 2001, St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church called the Rev. Anita Hill to be ordained as Associate Pastor.  Pastor Hill, who had worked for many years at St. Paul-Reformation, was ordained in defiance of "Vision and Expectations" as the first openly gay partnered pastor in the Twin Cities. Her ordination welcomed hundreds of people to St. Paul and continued the long march towards full inclusion for all of those called by God to ordained service.  In ways too many to count, this monumental and historic event in the life of North American Lutheranism paved the way for the 2009 vote of the Churchwide Assembly to allow for clergy in partnered relationships to serve openly in this Church.  A documentary film entitled "This Obedience" chronicling this struggle can be viewed by clicking here.

Click below to hear from Pastor Anita Hill about this historic decision: