Marriage at St. Paul-Reformation

The public commitment of two people who love each other is a joyous occasion in the Church's life.  At St. Paul-Reformation, we are committed to helping celebrate the love that God creates between two people.  In accordance with the pastoral directives of the 2009 Churchwide Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and with Minnesota State Law, St. Paul-Reformation Church is happy to perform marriage ceremonies for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation.  Because marriage is a public rite of the Church, it is important that those to be married are members of this community; because of this, St. Paul-Reformation does not marry non-members.  

Those to be married at St. Paul-Reformation are required to participate in premarital counseling with the Pastor using the Prepare/Enrich inventory.  Likewise, those to be married work with the Wedding Coordinator and Director of Music to guarantee a service that is both meaningful and appropriate.

If you would like to learn more about St. Paul-Reformation's administrative policies regarding marriage, you may download our Wedding Policy Guidebook "Wedding's at St. Paul-Reformation: Preparing for Celebration" by clicking here

More information can be gained by e-mailing Parish Administrator Jennifer Walding by clicking here. We would be happy to talk with you more and work together with you to take the next step in your commitment to one another.