SUnday Morning Adult Forum:


Learning is never over, and "faith seeking understanding" (as St. Anselm said) is part and parcel of the Christian vocation.  What do we have yet to learn, and how is the life of the spirit enriched by the discourse of the mind?  As part of our commitment to formation - not just for children - St. Paul-Reformation presents a weekly Sunday Morning Adult Forum from 9:10 a.m. until 10:10 a.m. each Sunday during the academic year in Tidemann Hall.  These presentations are free and open to the public, and all you need to do is bring an openness to learn and an inquring mind.  We seek to present on a variety of topics from the arts to current events to contemporary theological issues.  You are welcome to ask questions...or just sit quietly and listen.  And, wherever you are in these marvelous are always welcome.

FALL 2017 Adult

Forum Presenters

Adult Forum runs each Sunday from 9:10-10:10 in Tidemann Hall beginning on Sunday, September 17th  (it is on vacation for the summer!) and is free and open to the public.  We work hard to balance three areas of learning: Holy Scripture, Social Engagement, and the Arts.  We have a fascinating list of presenters for this fall, and we hope that you will join us!

  • September 17

    CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE UPDATE: We're on our way!

    Capital Campaign Oversight Committee

    One of the most basic callings of Christians is to serve our neighbors. As a way to encourage people to live into this calling, the ELCA offers five year-long service opportunities where participants live simply in intentional community while committing to justice work and exploring spirituality. The newest of these gap years is Abundant Life Together (or ALT Year), a transformative nine-month experience for young Christians to explore faith, justice, and calling while serving, living, and learning in community with peers. In her presentation, Kalina will explore what makes ELCA service years unique and how ALT Year empowers young adults to be strong leaders.

  • January 15

    Walking the Way Together: DeBrief of SPR's El Salvador Trip

    Members of the 2016 El Salvador Delegation

    SPR partners with Christ the Liberator Lutheran Church in Nahualapa, El Salvador, just outside of San Salvador.  This past October, a delegation of twelve traveled to Nahualapa to teach English, the culmination of a months-long project to teach school children fluency.  SPR sponsors over one hundred children in El Salvador, providing them with funds and support to have better access to education...of which language skills are a part.  Join us as we hear about the joys and challenges of this work, as well as the political situation in El Salvador.

  • January 22

    What happened here?  An INNAUGURATION Debriefing on a "unique" political

    season in America

    dr. kaTHERINE Gott

    Katherine Gott studies political theory and American politics, specializing in ancient political thought, rhetoric, democratic theory, and American political thought. She has written on Plato and the Sophists, deliberative democracy, De Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, and on the American Founding. She has taught at Macalester College, Minnesota State University-Mankato, Metropolitan State, and the University of Minnesota.

  • January 29

    FUTURE Work: An update on Reconciling Works

    Ryan Muralt, Reconciling Works

    St. Paul-Reformation was the first Reconciling in Christ church in the country, and since 2009, the scope and work of Reconciling Works has changed.  What does the future hold as we continue to welcome all into the full life of the Church?  What has been accomplished since the 2009 Churchwide vote...and what remains to be done?  Ryan Muralt, a member of SPR and a staff person for Reconciling Works, leads our discussion.

  • February 5

    OUR HOuse in the middle of the street

    SPR Isaiah core team

    The leadup to the most recent Presidential Election in the United States was filled with rhetoric regarding undocumented immigrants in the United States.  In response, ISAIAH  - an advocacy network of faith-based organizations in Minnesota - has begun to explore what it might mean for faith communities to be Sanctuary Churches, providing shelter and safety for those in danger of deportation.  What would this look like at SPR, and what is the theological foundations upon which such work would be built?  What are the legal ramifications, logistical challenges, and need?  Come and join us as we explore what this could mean at SPR. 

  • February 12


    David Weiss

    Christian Spirituality in a Time of Climate Change. This is personal—for all of us. My daughter Susanna is just 20, but she’s lived through ALL SEVENTEEN of the hottest years on Earth since 1880. Our average global temperature is higher than it’s been in 10,000 years. How do we respond as parents, grandparents, nature lovers—and Christians? Come hear me explain why a spirituality that is apocalyptic, evangelical, and prophetic is essential if we are to be faithful in our grief, hope, and resistance … in a time of climate change. 

  • February 19

    New leaders in a new land

    Fata Acquoi, African Immigrant services

    Historically—and even now—underrepresented communities, especially people of color, have little or no say in decisions and policies that affect or potentially benefit them. Put simply, we are often the missing voices, the ignored perspectives, and the absent narratives, where both small and big decisions are made.  What, then, can we do to effect change on issues that affect us? What can we really do to create new possibilities for causes we care deeply about? How do we shift our roles from being mere observers to being active leaders, stepping up to discover our own solutions and to make change? AIS FOTL Project is a grassroots response to those defining questions!  Please join us as we hear about this organization's fascinating work.

  • February 26

    Common Cause-Minnesota

    Annastacia Belladona-Carrera

    Common Cause Minnesota fights to give all Minnesotans a more equitable voice in their local government, regardless of what community they live in, by building a grassroots movement to fundamentally change the inequities of the political system. We will accomplish this by using our pragmatic approach to change: a combination of successfully passing reforms, introducing legislation, engaging the media to mold the public narrative and including our members in every step of the way, Common Cause Minnesota is developing the skills and education in the community necessary for a game changing movement.

  • March 5

    "Dear David: Dealing with my son's addiction"

    Martha wegner

    "Dear David" is St. Paul author Martha Wegner's firsthand account of how her son David's addiction to drugs affected her family. The book's content comes from the letters Wegner wrote to David after he walked away from a treatment program in 2014 and disappeared.  By turns heartbreaking and humorous, the letters share the ups and downs of David's decisions and how they influence his family, as well as Martha's hopes for his eventual recovery.  Martha is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and joins us at SPR to lead this discussion of addiction, recover, and hope.

  • March 12

    The Youth AND Aids project of the University of Minnesota

    Valerie Rubin-RashaAd

    The University of Minnesota Youth and AIDS Projects (YAP) was founded in 1989, with a mission to prevent transmission of HIV to and from high-risk youth and to provide care to youth and families living with HIV infection. The governing philosophy is that adolescents can and do make responsible health-related decisions, given appropriate resources and support. YAP programs are grounded in the belief that HIV-related services for youth must be developmentally appropriate, culturally competent, coordinated, and family-centered in order to be effective. YAP is administratively housed in the Medical School, Department of Infectious Disease and International Medicine at the University of Minnesota.  Join us as we welcome Valerie Ruben-RaShaad to tell us about this important work.

  • March 19

    St Paul City Update

    Councilmember Dai Thao, St. Paul City Council

    SPR is happy to welcome council member Dai Thao of Ward 1.  What is going right in the City of St. Paul, and what remains challenging?  How is the City working in a turbulent political season to protect the most vulnerable among us?  Please join us for this fascinating look into the life of this community.

  • March 26

    DIALOG PARTNERS: update on the Lutheran-roman catholic international dialog

    rev. dr. dirk lange, luther seminary

    Dirk Lange is one of the representatives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America working with the Lutheran World Federation and the Vatican on Lutheran-Roman Catholic dialog in this 500th Anniversary year of the Reformation.  What has been accomplished so far, and what remains to be done in the future?  Might we expect any surprises on the horizon?  Come for this fascinating update on our ecumenical work.

  • April 2

    A check-in on the Minnesota Legislative session

    Rep. Erin Murphy

    St. Paul-Reformation is delighted to welcome back Rep Erin Murphy who will lead us in a discussion of the work before the Minnesota legislature.  First elected in 2006, Murphy represents district 64A, and served as a policy fellow at the Humphrey Institute of the University of Minnesota from 2005-06.  After the 2012 elections, Murphy was elected as DFL majority leader. 

  • April 9

    How to be an ally to intersex People

    Sagan Lara

    Sagan Lara is an Intersex activist, who works to bring an end to unnecessary and cosmetic surgeries to Intersex youth and connect members of the Intersex community & parents to support networks. After this discussion you will have the resources and language to be a supportive person to Intersex people and families. 

  • April 23


    Dr. Theresa Battle, St. Paul Public Schools

    The St. Paul Public School district is one of the largest in the State of Minnesota, supporting the work of over 38,000 students.  Join us as we welcome Dr. Theresa Battle, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary education who will discuss with us the joys and challenges in our very own community.  

  • April 30

    Graces of Jurisprudence: balancing Justice, Mercy, and Legality

    Judge Stephen Smith, Ramsey County District Court

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  • May 7

    Changing landscape: population, demography, and opportunity in minnesota

    Susan Brower, Minnesota STate Demographer

    Susan Brower is the Minnesota State Demographer and directs the MN State Demographic Center. Susan became the State Demographer in February 2012. In that capacity, she travels the state talking with Minnesotans about the new social and economic realities that are brought about by recent demographic shifts. Susan's work applies an understanding of demographic trends to changes in a range of areas including the state's economy and workforce, education, health, immigration and rural population changes.

  • May 14

    Here I Walk: A Thousand Miles on Foot To Rome with Martin Luther

    Andrew Wilson

    In 1510, Augustinian monk Martin Luther was sent to Rome on business of the Augustinian order in Germany; what he saw there shocked him deeply as he beheld the corruption and license of the Renaissance Church.  Andrew Wilson's Book "Here I Walk: A Thousand Miles on Foot To Rome With Martin Luther" retraces Luther's steps as Wilson makes his way from Wittenberg, through the Alps and into Italy.  What might Luther have encountered along the way, and how can this be a metaphor for us as we commemorate 500 years of the Reformation?

  • May 21

    strangers among us: acommpanying immigrants with catholic Charities

    laurie ohmann, Senior vp of client services and community partnerships, catholic charities of mn

    Laurie Ohmann leads the Catholic Charities staff and programs that provide direct services to those most in need, including people experiencing homelessness, children in need, older adults, immigrants and refugees.  Catholic Charities is one of the largest providers of social services in the state of Minnesota, and does important work with refugees and immigrants.  Come and hear about this fascinating work!