Christians are made, not born

Catechesis at St. Paul-Reformation

Living out one's faith in a Christian community is much more than "joining."  It is a commitment to live out the faith in ways that are meaningful, reflective, and aware of the community of Christ.  To this end, St. Paul-Reformation invites those new to this community - either joining for the first time or preparing for baptism - to join "The Way," an intentional process that pairs up new members with sponsors.  Regardless of if you are affirming your baptism, or you have not yet been baptized, "The Way" affords an opportunity to be integrated into the life of this community and to do reflection on the major themes of the Christian faith.

The History of the Christian Catechumenate

"The Catechumenate" (kat-ih-que-meh-nate) is an ancient process that has been a part of the Church's life since its very beginning.  Recognizing that Christians are made - not born - this process is intentional in structuring reflection upon the major stories of the bible.  Centered around prayer and the vocation of baptism, "The Way" (a name taken from the Book of Acts) begins with the question: "What is it that you seek of God's Church?"

Structure and Length

The Way is a several month-long process, and runs twice a year: August-November with reception at the end of November; and March-May with reception/baptism at Pentecost.  The Way meets every other Sunday night from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in a "dinner church" format, literally with a dining table set up in the Church; all bring food to share. Some cohorts of "The Way" gather in the leader's home.  Gathering around a meal for discussion and sharing furthers the sense of community; we end with Holy Communion and mutual prayer for one another.

Is This Required for Membership at St. Paul-Reformation?

No.  But, we invite you to consider this opportunity to grow in your faith and take seriously the vocation to which God may be calling you.  It is exceptionally helpful in the process of formation.  

How to Get Started on The Way

E-mail us!  We would love to talk with you more about your journey of faith and to discuss if The Way is the right way (no pun intended...) to help you live a life of discipleship. Click here to send us an e-mail. We would love to hear from you and are excited about the wonderful gifts you bring into this community!