Look + Listen + Pray

A campaign for technology at St. Paul-Ref.

With the dawn of COVID-19, St. Paul-Reformation (and many other houses of worship) have needed to increase capabilities in technology to allow our members and friends to worship at home.  In preparation for our phased re-opening, the Parish Council has authorized a special appeal to the congregation for updates to the technology used to livestream (broadcast) liturgies, sermons, and concerts from SPR's sanctuary.  Your help is needed!  You can learn more below, including how you can give to this effort!

1. Livestreaming cameras in the sanctuary

In order to livestream (broadcast) the liturgy, concerts, and events from SPR's sanctuary, new high-definition cameras are needed in the church.  We propose installing six: one in the rear of the nave, one in each transept, and three additional in other parts of the church.  These remote-control moveable cameras will allow unobstructed view of the altar, musicians, the baptismal font, the pulpit, and the readers.  All six will be controlled from a single computer system in the back.  All cameras will be discreet, silent, and powerful, enabling viewers to see many angles of the liturgy, and for those angles to be edited together into the livestream broadcast.

2. New Livestreaming Software and Hardware

In order to run this new technology and broadcast it out over the internet, new more powerful software and hardware is required.  This includes a joystick to remotely move the cameras, as well a new computer system in the rear of the church to launch the livestream.  This will allow for seamless transitions between the cameras and various locations of liturgical ritual.


Your tax-deductible donation to our campaign will go a long way in helping us to reach our goal.  And, there are two ways that you can give:

  • Give online by clicking the button below, which will take you to our secure donation page.  There, look for the line that says "Look+Listen+Pray," and make your donation.
  • You can give directly by mailing a check to the parish office: 100 Oxford Street North, St. Paul MN, 55104;
  • If tax purposes require you to make a minimum distribution from an investment, we can help you do this, too.  Contact the Parish office by clicking here, and we'll get you all set up.

Thank you!